Ecology and emissions

"Brikel" EAD produces electricity, heat and briquettes.

The technology of the production process uses cleaning system to keep the environment pure.

Coal dust control is realized by dust-catching from the flue gas which is wasted after both the electricity production and briquette production, by using electrical precipitators. In the briquette production, there have been installed both dry and wet cyclones.

Emissions due to the electricity production are conducted into a stack 150 m high which serves 6 steam generators.

Regional Inspection of the Environment and Waters, Stara Zagora city, implements periodical monitoring of emissions in the flue gas for levels of dust, SO2, NO2 and СО.

A System for early warning of adverse meteorological conditions is being constructed now. The purpose of this system is to limit the production capacity, together with the other two power plants from the “Maritsa East” complex.


There is implemented a proprietory monitoring of waste waters and underground waters, soils and noise levels. There is an upcoming construction of a System for continuous monitoring of emissions of harmful substances in the waste gases and putting this system into operation from January 01st, 2007.

From January 01st, 2007 there is an upcoming inclusion of “Brikel” EAD into the European scheme for trading with emissions of greenhouse gases, according to Directive 2003/87/EU.

A new fueling scheme for burning a composite of raw energy fuel and dried briquettable coal has been put into operation and has achieved a clear ecological effect with the following yearly parameters: air pollution decrease by 88 000 tons of coal dust and 10 000 tons of SO2 emissions.

An automatic station for continuous monitoring of emissions to the atmospheric air is situated in the town of Galabovo. “Brikel” EAD implements monitoring of surface waters and underground waters.

The parameters of the turnover water supply are followed monthly, with the purpose of water quality control on the entrance and exit of the ash and slag dump site.

The filled up sections of the ash and slag dump site № 1 and № 2 have been tack coated and covered with grass, while the retreat embankments have been covered with forest.

In the ash and slag dump site, there is maintained a water mirror of the working section 3 “A” or 3 “B”, which eliminates the dust pollution in the region.

With the purpose of improving the coefficient of efficiency of the power plant, there started a separation of the flushing of the ash and slag transportation of “Electricity production” from the ash transportation of “Briquette production”. By this method, the dumped fuel content - ash from “Briquette production”, after precipitation and drying in the summer period, comes back for burning in the “Electricity production”. This imposed a necessity of searching for new methods for reduction of the dust pollution - tack coating or laying of geotextile covering. The covering of the outdoor dried zones with geotextile proved to be successful. Moreover, the geotextile can be used multiple times. This method brought the expected effect for reduction and liquidation of the dust pollution from the ash and slag dump site.

Despite the many years of operation of the electricity production capacities, as a result of the strict observance of the control on the metal resource, the timely main, medium, current and prophylactic repairs and maintenance, the electricity production capacities have a technical and technological resource for operation until the year 2012-2015.

In the future, the company will continue to work as an acknowledged enterprise, with proven capabilities in the energy production system.